یہ جومذہب ہے ایک انسان کی پہچان ہے
کوئی ہندو، کوئ عیسائی، کوئی مسلمان ہے

اوپر والے کو پسند ہے كہ کوی عبادت کرے
خواہ کوی مسجد ميں کوی گرجا ميں کوی مندرميں کرے

پوچھتا ہوں یہ سوال کون ہے سچ یہاں

وہ کہے ہے کوئی ا س دنيا ميں مسلمان کہیں؟

سرجو چکرایا میرا جب میںے یہ سنا
ايک ہندو ایک عیسائی مسلمان ہوا۔

Ideed rafiqi


Childhood fancy

I was having lunch and I wanted to have some curd. I opened the curd container. While opening it my hand slipped quickly through the edge of the container and within a fraction of a second it started bleeding.

I stopped eating and straightaway went to the washroom and poured some splashes of cold water on the cut until it got numb…

Everybody was waiting for me, they did not eat anything for that particular time period, everyone started asking me questions.

Person 1: Was it painful?
 : Did you get the bleeding to a halt ? etc etc.

Paying no attention to their questions and their endless chirping, I started eating…

I was now eating with a spoon and stared again on the container. I didn’t dare to touch it again, afraid that I might get the cut once again. But my mother poured it anyway and I started eating without any worry but I was still thinking. It still hurt.

I decided to carry that container along with me after finishing my meals. There were remains of curd still in it oozing in the air and becoming thinner and thinner with time. I had some other plans for that cup but I saw a cat and I was thunderstruck with an idea, she slowly came to me.I offered the at these remains. She licked it luxuriously enjoying every bit of it even though much was not left in it and she thanked me with a meow or two.
The thing I observed was that she was very careful in doing this and took it as million dollar job. She wonderfully used her tongue to taste those remains but she could have used her claws or her teeth to tear that thing but she didn’t. She took pleasure out of it.Then the cat vanished.
I was first afraid of it, appointed the wrong way of not opening it by myself .But then my eyes opened and as a child I got answer to this little loosely relevant question that: Can everything in life be done in the easiest possible manner, without getting hurt? I don’t know, but as a child I had this idea. God knows alone if I were to get that ideology back and get rid of my problems in the “Easiest possible manner'”.